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WE Talk interview part 1 - Angela Prusa of the Cannabis and Hemp Association of Namibia April 2022

Updated: May 29, 2022

Angela Prusa has been advocating for cannabis law reforms since 2015 and founded the Cannabis and Hemp Association of Namibia (CHAN) in 2020. Cannabis prohibition laws stem from the apartheid era and constitute a human rights violation. Hemp is a renewable resource that can be sustainably cultivated and used to develop many industries such as the production of medicine, textiles, paper product, plastic products, building materials or anything that can be created from oil. Feeding hemp to cows improves the quality of the meat produced. It can be used in the creation of jobs in rural areas where people have few resources to work with. Hemp is one of the fastest growing international industries with other African countries already cashing in. It makes the best use of limited resources by being more productive per area cultivated than cotton for example while being naturally pest resistant and requiring less water.

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