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Why some countries are legalizing Marijuana | DW News

How the stigma around this plant is changing across Asia, opening up a Billion-dollar industry and new jobs. For countries, like Thailand, it's about returning to its roots. But easier said than done. Medicinal marijuana is a burgeoning industry. Its recreational use too. Especially in parts of Europe and North America. Asia is lagging. Still the pandemic has proved to be a catalyst for the adoption of cannabis. In Indian society, it dates back four thousand years. Then came decades of damaging drug control policies. Now a lot of governments realize they can take in huge tax revenues, if the business is fully legalized. Competitive prices could wipe out the black market. That'll require well-thought-through state regulation. Thailand has been leading the way in South East Asia removing cannabis from its list of narcotics last year, effectively lifting its ban on marijuana. But without clear regulations. The legal uncertainty is dampening the thriving weed business. Authorities tightened some rules last month, raiding stalls they say were operating without a license. That's left many worrying about how long the boom could last.

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